All In The Detail

September 28, 2018
Featured image for “All In The Detail”

We wanted to dedicate a page to showcase some of the interesting detail work that we have done for our clients recently.  We have been lucky enough to work on some very complicated detailed features within new builds, alterations and additions, and often it’s these details that make all the difference to take a project from good to great.

But we have also worked on some small details that are simple but stunning, so we want to showcase some of those also. Often these small details are not in the plans but are something that we can see the space would benefit from once we get into the build.  

The Kitchen shelf

We have added a few kitchen shelves to projects using beautiful wood, for the the salt, pepper, oil (or 12 hot sauce bottles if that’s what you’re into!) But mainly this is ideal for freeing up bench space to reduce clutter and it finishes off the kitchen perfectly. We put a Rimu shelf into the Sandringham alteration, which pops out on the white subway tiles. The long shelf running the length of the kitchen bench in the Rossmay apartment, compliments the concrete wall and ads another interesting texture to the space. 

Cedar screens

The Cedar screens in the Waterview house are stunning. The continuation of the screens from the sunken lounge to the outside area creates such an impact and serves as a work of art as you walk in from the hallway. We prefabricated the screens in our workshop. The client loved the screens so much we have since added more to the lounge area!


The hand rail and stairs in the SGA studio is one of a kind, with black power coated steel railing and solid concrete stairs. The complex design meant these needed to be built in a way we hadn’t done before. Complements to Architect Brad Pearless who created a detailed 3d model from which we got the steel custom fabricated, all we had to do was put it together !


We love the challenge of working with concrete. The off-form walls at 339 poured in-situ enable details that can’t be achieved with precast. Thanks to Ross Bannan for his expert advice. 

Also a favourite is the concrete stairs in the Devonport outdoor area,  precast in this instance to achieve details we couldn’t have done with formworkas the area was too tight to remove it. This emphasises how with concrete, different situations demand different construction methodology.